Friday, 4 October 2019

Australian Made NSWGR Lower Quadrant Brass Signals - UPDATED 19-03-2020

Australian made lost wax cast brass NSWGR lower quadrant signals as kits or built can be ordered from me, Ray Pilgrim at

The brass signal kits are locally produced, are complete and much cheaper than my brass signals from my Signals Branch shop at Shapeways.

 Brass signal features:

27 ft Single-arm Byles type timber post Signal

23 ft Single-arm Byles type timber post Signal

Left Hand Bracket Byles type timber post Signal

Right Hand Bracket Byles type timber post Signal

39, 36 and 30 inch Signal Arm options

Available as a kit or built to order if required

Everything you need including brass post and details

Castings have been removed from sprues and cleaned up

All holes pre-drilled

3D printed mechanism ready to adjust the signal arm and includes mounting screws

Pre-bent wire for safety handrail and operating rods

Jig to assist with mounting the safety handrail

Single Post - Kit $60 - Built and painted $100

Bracket Post – Kit $100 – Built and painted $170

Assembly instructions can be found in the links at the right-hand side of this page.

Contact Ray Pilgrim at for ordering or further information.

Signals Branch HO Brass Timber Post Signals with brass ladder

Other HO NSWGR signals and models are on my online Signals Branch shop at Shapeways:

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