Sunday, 28 June 2020

Additions to the Range of Locally Produced NSWGR Brass Signals

The February 2020 issue of the Australian Model Railway Magazine contained a Signals Branch update on some locally produced brass NSWGR signals that were being developed.

Well, the time has come to announce what is now available.

First is what I call a Steel Slat Bracket Signal, I don't know what the NSWGR called them but the post is made of four steel sections with short welded cross-members. Here is a prototype example:

Cooma - Photo by Robert Merchant
And a photo of a built and painted Signals Branch model.

Pricing - Kit $120 - Built and Painted - $200
The model is designed to have 'plug' in dolly posts and there are six variations available in my range so the required dolly posts will need to be specified when ordering.

Also by leaving the dolly above the main post off then an outrigger style of bracket signal can be made.

Moss Vale Down Starting Signal - Photographer unknown
So a number of variations can be made.

The dolly posts are available separately to order at $3 each.

The above right-hand Steel Slat Bracket Signal has been added to the range but unfortunately, there is no left-hand version as yet. I only did the right-hand version to ensure that what I had designed actually worked. When I was ready to start the left-hand version Shapeways stopped the 3D printing of their metal range including the brass due to COVID-19 issues.

The problem is that I use a Shapeways brass version of a new signal as the master for the production of a silicon rubber mould that is then used to produce the wax signal parts that are used to make the lost wax brass signals. I will either have to wait for Shapeways to start offering brass again or try to produce the master with my DLP resin 3D printer. There are a couple of potential issues with printing the signal and parts myself and they are warping in long parts and clean-up of the contact points of the supports on the model. While these can usually be overcome there can be a lot of experimentation along the way.

A Mid-Post Steel Slat Bracket is currently being designed but timing is related to the issues above.

A timber post Distant signal has been added to the range and the price is the same as a single-arm signal, i.e. Kit - $60, Built and Painted $100.

Distant Signal
Pricing - Kit - $60, Built and Painted $100

The next signal in the range is a timber 23 foot 2 signal arm post.

23 foot 2 signal arm post
Pricing - Kit $70 - Built and Painted $100
The small Shunt Ahead signal arm on the two models above is one of four available small shunting signals arms and these are:

All signal arms in the range are available with a counterweight lever and a rear lamp blind at $6.

Signal arms are priced at $3 each.

Counterweight Levers are priced at $1.50 each.

Lamp blinds are priced at $1.50 each.

Also available are four different ladders, one being the 'standard' type, another is an 18-foot ladder with a round loop and two braces at the top and finally, the two shorter ladders that can be seen on the Steel Slat Bracket Signal above.

All ladder types are available to order for $6 each.

18ft Signal Ladder with Base Casting and Safety Cage
Yesterday I completed the test model of the Tubular Steel Post Bracket Signal as shown below. This is now available in both left and right-hand Bracket versions as well as a 23 foot single arm Tubular Steel Post signal and a 27 foot single arm Tubular Steel Post signal.

Pricing - Kit - $100 Built and painted - $170

I am particularly pleased with both the Steel Slat Bracket signal and the Tubular Steel Post Bracket signal, they were a bit of a challenge to work out how to make them operate but work they do.

The above signal pricing is based on the crank style base/mechanism.

If the linear servo base/mechanism is required then there is an additional charge for the linear servos at $12.50 each.

See the post below for more detail regarding the linear servos.

I am investigating having a website to show the range more easily and to hopefully enable pricing and ordering.

To order or for more information please email Ray Pilgrim at:


  1. Thanks Ray. I really appreciate your interest and efforts in this important (at least to me) aspect of railway modelling. Looking forward to creating some layouts with proper working lower and upper quadrant signals operating in a prototypical arrangement.